Well, friends and Monkey-fans, it has been quite a month, this month just past. It started many Mexican restaurants ago on the 7th when we ventured south for another appearance at the Central Ohio Folk Festival near Columbus. Clem, Gnarly and Bullfrog conducted a workshop on playing jug band instruments, with some attendees becoming initiates to join us later during our performance. Love those free kazoos! Meanwhile a mean old nasty and unruly GPS device led our Petunia on a wild goose chase and she unfortunately did not arrive in time for our concert. Hold the ribbing, please. So it was up to that trio we like to call the Nairobi Trio (google Ernie Kovacs) to save the day. So, flying by the seat of our pants, Bullfrog, Gnarly and Clem pulled a decent show out of their butts (thanks to the initiates) and all was well. Yes, Petunia, we managed without you but it wasn’t easy and we’d rather not have to do that again. Following the obligatory Mexican Restaurant, we returned home, weary and wiser……I think.

Then following a rehearsal or 2 (believe me we do that occasionally), it was time for the Smokin Fez Monkeys Music Party Bawdy Song Hour and Jam at P.J. Mcintyre’s at Kamm’s Corners on the 15th. Wow – what a time! Good turnout, lots of rude jokes and songs. Special thanks to maestro John Reynolds for coming along and being the 5th Monkey for the day (don’t give Gnarly the mandolin again – it’s dangerous). We hope to make it a regular thing, if not this summer, maybe as the weather turns cold (you know, it’s gonna do that again – hate to remind you).

On the 21st, we headed to the beautiful metropolis of Alliance to share the stage with Rio Neon at Jupiter Studios. A grand night topped off with an all-out jam at the end of the night with all the musicians. Good times! Nice artwork, great stage.

Next up was Memorial Day and the Utica Ice Cream Festival in….well, Utica. Bet you didn’t know there was a Utica, Ohio. This time the 4 of us traveled together in 1 van – and we didn’t strangle each other or anything – good sign. It was the first hot day of the year and luckily they had a nice awning over the stage. Bring on the water…as a matter of fact pour it over our heads while you’re at it. They took good care of us and we’ll be back there later in the summer for their Homecoming festivities. Great ice cream, by the way.

So that was May and The Smokin’ Fez Monkeys are just gettin’ wound up. The summer promises to be busy and exciting and silly. We’ve had a long talk with Petunia’s GPS, Bullfrog’s got new wheels, Clem even shined his shoes, and Gnarly, well let’s just say they don’t call him “Mr. Snazz” for nothin’. (Look out, Salvation Army!)

Anyway all the Monkeys would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of our fans for supportin’ us in these tough times. It’s nice to know that y’all still love us.
Check the website for updates on our appearances and we’ll see y’all down the road! Hooweee!