Well hello there, all you fine friends of The Smokin’ Fez Monkeys!  Gnarly Snag here, and on behalf of Uh, Clem, Bullfrog and Petunia, I want to wish y’all a fantastic and rip-snortin New Year!  2012 was pretty darned good, full of lots of travel and pickin’ and all sorts of tomfoolery (no offense, Tom). From Garrettsville to Carey, from Burton to Grand Rapids (Ohio, that is), from Lakewood to Akron and everywhere in between, we spread the love and tunes far and wide this past year. There were a couple of goof-ups and instances where one of us didn’t find our way to where we were supposed to be at the right time, but who’s counting.  It all worked out for the best and in the end the crowds went wild anyway….mostly. Added a bunch of new songs to the repertoire and even rehearsed them once or twice. Managed to check off a few more Mexican restaurants in our quest to visit every single one of them in the Continental U.S. Watch the website for a map showing our conquests!

We are truly excited about the year ahead with new places to play in the works, as well as some of our favorite haunts.  We thank y’all so much for sticking with us and comin’ on out and hootin’ and hollerin’ for us; wouldn’t be much of nothin’ without you!

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Welcome to 2013 – here we go!